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Rhihanna’s Fashion Label

It’s said that the famous singer will receive €60m in investment. She and the conglomerate LVMH created a new label “Loud”, which is named after her album. In the memory of her fifth album, the title of the project is Project Loud France. The singer will hold less than 50% share. The Business of Fashion got the information because of accession to detailed documents on the company’s set-up. Since Christian Lacroix in 1987, the group has launched a new brand for the first time. Statistics show that Rihanna invested €2,998,800 (£2,571,000) while LVMH have brought €30m (£25m). It revealed that the new fashion brand of Rihanna was well worth investing in. The brand was also appeared on the website of LVMH, following brands of Celine, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs.


Certainly, such a cooperation is not only based on the popularity of a celebrity. In fashion circles, Rihanna’s ability in combining millennials and consumers has been tested and proved. Just because of extraordinary performances of her Fenty Beauty line, loads of consumers queued outside stores to get such products. In the first forty days, the brand has generated $ 100m. In 2015, her Fenty fashion label was released with Puma, establishing its place in the fashion field promptly. The first trainer by Rihanna was sold out upon it has been released. Some argues that she was a partial reason of Puma’s highly increased profits in 2017.

Savage x Fenty, a lingerie line has been launched in May 2018, another hit sales campaign. In September of the same year, the New York fashion week praised the body-positive casting and took the lingerie line as a sign of modern underwear, compared with Victoria’s Secret. Her entrepreneurship is also an impressive factor of her big success in commerce; in addition, Rihanna’s star power is also part of the hit brand. She owns almost 70m followers on Instagram, and often shares photos of outfits like a ruffle cocktail dress or a snakeskin dress matching a bucket hat of the same material. LVMH also intends to work on with French designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

Virgil Abloh has made breakthroughs on the way to the fashion circles, because he showed his work of arts for LV at Paris fashion week. In the afternoon, the fashion show began with a dictionary, which introduced his taking on Vuitton. A white leather bib was fused with a double-breasted mohair jacket; both front and back of a leather vest were embossed with the fashion houses’ signature monogram; anoraks were taken place with streamlined design with an attached bum bag on the back. Certainly, accessories of LV are popular among many people. In addition to taking advantage of some classic bag silhouettes, popular detailing like red, green and iridescent plastic, matte leather, traditional hardware, etc. What Abloh doing is reimagining. Since the appointment of the American designer, he has held the critical position of color.