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Fine-Tuning on Designs of Hats

Why headgear has become popular in menswear? In recent years, hats swept most catwalks, including woolen hats, floral crowns, caps, panama hats, etc. Reports show that all new adjustment of design fall on tops. In spite of strong interest in headgear like the cap and bucket hat recently, such a concept of decorative hats hasn’t swept the fashion circles over the years. Messages of Paris shows held at weekend come to us, and such hats are likely to become staple in the coming season. For many big-name labels, lucrative accessory are cult designer sneakers and “dad trainers”. In addition to showy sports shoes in great quantity, eye-catching headwears shift the eye skyward.

Some argues that it’s may be unclear to spot shoes on people’s feet, because of increasingly long and wide pants. Stephan Jones is the most fruitful milliners, and his work of arts is sought-after among some fashionistas like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even the Duchess of Sussex. Kim Jones’ hat at Dior by him is also another masterpiece of the most prolific milliner. Every one will wear shoes in daily life, but not everyone wears hats. There is nothing better than a hat, which could be taken as a signifier of fashion and something visible. Even a pair of unusual shoes is easily be neglected while a hat will not. American artist Danial Arsham is a hat-wearer. He, cooperating with Dior, creates the latest Dior men’s collection.

Jones also made its share to a small selection of styles for the show, such as a canvas visor featuring quartz. Things often go in cycles. What designers do are making a fashion statement by hats. Their new collection is different and individual. Raf Simons is an ever-influential designer who own many riding hats. Simons have taken efforts in creating the autumn/winter 2019 collection. All looks displayed on a Parisian catwalk in January follows the theme and differs slightly.

Doughnut hats go with a craft-like kits top on the body, adding a joyous touch to the whole look. Similarly, all artists designed wierd headgear. Those headgear were made from discarded leather and other materials, conveying the recycling idea to the public. At the same time, some big-name labels like Fendi and LV released gardening hats greatly. Fendi’s show in Milan was finished with a denim jumpsuit and curvy brimmed number.


Hat inspiration differs with each other. Swedish or Kuridish label introduce veils to their designs. The highlight lies in scalloped fronts and headscarf backs. A load of bicorn straw hats were inspired by kids’ souvenir hats. On the front row, hat statements were obvious. In several months, an editor has spotted various headwears like a bucket hat, panama hat, sun hat, straw hat, etc. All those hats could be good choices for hat wearers or trendsetters. With a hat on your head, it’s easily be noticed in crowds.